Company History

How it all started

GM Johnson & Associates Ltd. is a computer cartography company, specializing in street maps and atlas publishing for the North American retail market. GM Johnson uses advanced technology to design and publish maps. GM Johnson has built a solid publishing business over a 26-year period, and has been aggressively building its street maps and atlases over the past 10 years. We have increased production by using technology to produce over 50 new titles per year. In a relatively short period of time, we have produced a large collection of maps, atlases and bases (more than 600 titles).


The companies early years revenue was generated from contract mapping for corporate and government clients as well as software development for the mapping and engineering industries. Our first location was at 4411 Hastings st in Burnaby. Then in 1992 we moved to downtown Vancouver at 1140 Homer st.


Revenues were generated through map book sales and real estate mapping. In 1997 we moved to 4562 Dawson St, Burnaby.


Most revenue was generated through folded map sales and royalties.

2012 and beyond

As GM Johnson continues to build street maps, our geographical coverage of base map data expands. The future plan is to leverage our map content across a variety of media platforms.

In May 2013 we moved to our current Vancouver location.

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A Look into the Past: Our First Brochure (1991)

Our First Mapbook (1994)