If you've got questions, we've got answers!

Can I buy maps on this website?

Yes. Purchases can be made with a credit card.

Below is the approximate postage fee per number of maps (depending on weight):
1 map: $2.95
2-3 maps: $5.15
4+ maps: $6.10
12+ maps: $12.65
Plus $5 handling fee.

What is the minimum order quantity?

Retail customers have no minimum.

For new wholesale customers our minimum order quantity is 25 units (maps). We offer many bulk discounts for larger order quantities.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, and AMERICAN EXPRESS cards through our website.

Do you have a product catalogue online?

Yes! Check out our full product line on the following page: Product Catalogue

Do you carry other publishers maps?

Yes. We stock maps from Benchmark Maps, Global Graphics, GTR Mapping and others. See List

Do you create custom maps for clients?

Yes! We offer a variety of custom mapping services. For a full list of details please visit the services page at following page: Services

How much do custom maps cost?

The price depends on how much research, time, and materials are spent on completing the custom map job. Our hourly rate is $75/hour. Please contact us for a quote.

Do you sell digital versions of maps?

Yes! We sell PDF versions of maps for $25.

*PDF map licenses are limited to use by purchaser only (1 time use). They may not be distributed, sold or used by any other third party.

Do you have map books based on your folded maps?

Yes, we can produce a map book from our folded map base. The cost would be based on time & materials. The books have a laminated cover and spiral bounds. The minimum order quantity for map books is 100, with discounts for higher order numbers.

Do you have wall maps based on your folded maps?

We have two options if you are interested in wall maps:

1. You may purchase a PDF from us for $25 and plot the map out yourself to any size specifications you need. There is a limit to one print per PDF purchased.

2. We can design a wall map for you from our custom map base. The price would be based on time & materials and you would have rights to produce copies of the map yourself. A $25 per print royalty charge is applicable.

Do you have a copyright release policy?

Yes. We charge a $25 administrative fee to release our copyright for personal use.

The copy or digital map file may not be used or redistributed to any other third party.

The copyright of pdf license is limited to use by the requesting party only.

Do you have a copyright release policy for film production companies?

Yes. See above question for copyright policy.

How do we make maps?

The following Street Map description was submitted at the 2014 ESRI international user conference map gallery in San Diego. See Here

The following State Map description was submitted at the 2016 ESRI international user conference map gallery in San Diego. See Here

How do you get an out of print, digital map, or map 'x' from catalogue status column?

We sell the PDF for $25. Exceptions do apply.